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BF-esse is a  Latvian medical biotechnological company that has been working since 1992. One of the main trends of the company is the developing of a new generation of natural products, their investigation, the organization of their production as well as the introduction and promotion to the remedy and bioactive supplement market. Thanks to the effort and resources of the company BF-esse the first important result has been achieved that is the developing of the preparation Fitesten, its clinical testing, the organization of its production and introduction to the remedy and bioactive supplement market. Fitesten is made ​​in accordance with the standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice – Good Manufacturing Practice). GMP – standard production of medicines in the world that guarantees the highest quality products. Fitesten is a natural preparation obtained on the basis of dense conifer needle extract of the Latvian pine. Extraction process (extraction) is the most important process in the creation of the Fitesten – the better prepared extract, the greater efficacy Fitesten.Product Fitesten ® is a scientific achievement, the result of Latvian innovative technologies. Fitesten developed and clinically tested in Latvia together with Latvian Department of Gastroenterology and Drug Form Cathedral of Riga Stradins University (Medical Academy of Latvia).



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